2012 in review

February 16th, 2013 by Kama

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last blogged. Sporadic is no longer a term I can use.  I’m not even sure I can remember half of what happened in 2012. Everything goes on Facebook or Twitter these days so I may have to review posts to jog my memory, but I’ll give it a shot.

The year started off pretty well. I obtained a new job as Office Manager for Prima Deli, and resigned from Rainbow Print after nearly ten years. Showing their usual lack of appreciation and complete lack of people skills, my bosses pretty much ignored me for my last two weeks, and never came to say goodbye or wish me well on my last day. I knew at that moment the decision to leave was the right one.  The new job is certainly less stressful, and my bosses thank me a LOT for the work I do, which means everything.

I started running, and discovered I LIKE it. Shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise, given who my father is, but running was never really my thing.

Rugby season kicked off, for the first time I had season tickets – so good. The new temporary stadium at Addington is fantastic.

2012 was also the year the beaut ute gave up the ghost. Too much wrong, and too expensive to fix, meant I was on the hunt for a new car, and the ute was rehomed with a mechanically minded local who wanted it to cart rubbish around his lifestyle block. RIP baby. I miss you dreadfully. The ever growing pile of weeds in my driveway will attest to that.

New car is a Nissan Cefiro, or Big Cef as he is fondly known.  He’s a tank, and I love driving him.

Big Cef

Big Cef

March – NZ ran out of Marmite – MARMAGEDDON!

On to April, Shihad rocked us live at the Bedford, and my good friend Rachel had her 40th birthday, an all class affair at Bean Scene, for which I had to dress up. Thanks to Lauren for helping me find the perfect dress ‘cos this tomboy’s no good at that stuff :)

Rachel, Deon and me

Rachel, Deon and me

3rd August 2012 – I turn 40. Am unsure quite where the years went and I don’t feel that old in the slightest. Just a small gathering of friends and family at the Bailey parents, and a beautiful cake made by the lovely Lou. Despite the no present rule, some lovely gifts were gratefully received, including the box set of the 3 albums Uno, Dos, Tre by Green Day due to be released this year – thanks Rachel & Nick!

10th August – welcome to the world our new cousin, Loukas Theo Mavromatis! Cool name, dude.

Also in August, my nephew Braedan wins Player of the Year in his first rugby season, with 59 tries. Aunty Kama could not be prouder.

September – I ran 10km for the first time in my life. Injured my foot in the process but worth it to reach that goal. Happy to stick to my 5-6km runs from now on though.

October – Canterbury wins the ITM Cup final for the 5th year straight. #rugbychicks are ecstatic in their new hoodies.  I make a return to the beach volleyball competition, with my old team Czechnz – still in top division but we’re a wee bit rusty. Better luck post-Xmas! Also ZM falsely announces a Green Day tour to NZ for March 2013 and gets my hopes up.  This doesn’t eventuate as Billie Joe goes into rehab and everything is cancelled. Get better Billie!

December – and one of the best Christmases in years – the whole family were home; Matt, Yuka and baby Taila from Japan, Hayden, Sarah, Harlen & Amalie from Melbourne, Chris, Kallie, Micah & Charlotte down from Wellington, plus me, Mum, Dad, Lauren, Braedan & Kase. BIG family gathering! Lou joined us as well, and we ate and drank too much as is pretty much standard at the Bailey household! So good to see the family all together. And man, we breed cute babies in this family.

And with that, 2012 came to a close, and the world didn’t end so I’d have to say it was a pretty good year ;-)

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